Pillowcase with Contrasting Border

This pillowcase is similar to the previous pillowcase with the eyelet ruffle, except is has aPILLOWCASE WITH CONTRAST BORDER_1180012 contrasting fabric border.

Standard sizes of pillowcases:

Standard:  21″ x 32″

Queen:      21″ x 36″

King:        21″ x 42″


For each pillowcase 1 yard: Cut 2 ……… 22″ x 28″ (32″ Q, 38″ K) .

For the border/hem 1/4 yard: Cut 2 ……..22″ x 9″

Lace trim (optional) or other type of trim, enough to go around plus 1 1/2″.


At one narrow end sew one hem/border segment with right sides facing 1/4″ from edge.PILLOWCASE WITH CONTRAST BORDER_1180005 Press the seam toward the hem/border.

Lay the two larger sections with wrong sides facing.  Sew 1/4″ along both long sides and one short edge.  Press and turn inside out, press again.  Sew again 3/8″ from seam creating a French Seam.  Press.

Press under 1/4″ of hem/border


Fold and Press the hem/border matching the folded hem and the seam where the borderPILLOWCASE WITH CONTRAST BORDER_1180010 is sewn to the pillowcase.  Sew as close as possible to the seam.





Pin the lace trim around the open end of the pillowcase and pin, over-lapping the ends PILLOWCASE WITH CONTRAST BORDER_1180011at the side seam.

To simplify adding the lace, use a strip of fusing web prior to sewing the trim to the pillowcase.







Cut the border along its long fold, sew side seams as above.

With right sides facing, and with the pillowcase sandwiched in-between, sew 1/4″ from the edge.  Press seam toward the border.

Fold the bottom edge of the border 1/4″ and press.  Sandwich the trim’s edge between the border matching front and back edges.  Pin, sew close to the fold.



To add a ruffled border cut the border sections 1/3 wider and gather before sewing to the pillowcase using method for alternative border #1 and either include or omit the trim.

Make it reversible by using coordinating or contrasting fabric, sew 2 pillowcase bodies using a regular 5/8″ seam.  Add the border of your choice to each pillowcase using the border that is cut in half.

Put one pillowcase inside the other with right sides facing.  Sew along the bottom edge of the border leaving a small section open for turning the pillowcase.


Reach through the opening in the border and turn the pillowcase right-side out.

Top-stitch close to the bottom edge of the border (this will also close the opening)


Hand tack both inside and outside pillowcase together by sewing a few stitches inside the seams several inches apart.





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