For the Home

It seems I can never find exactly what I want when it comes to buying things for my home.  Since I moved into my first apartment I have always created my own decorating accessories: curtains and draperies, tablecloths and place-mats, pillows (lots of pillows) and quilts.  I loved Shabby Chic before there was such a decor style.  Whatever your style, the sewing methods used to create the Home Decorating Accessories you want for your home are all the same.  I will teach you the methods of sewing simple curtains to Roman Shades and draperies and more, using the same teaching methods that worked best when I was learning to sew for my home.  You can stay up to date with the latest posts by signing up for Time-2-Sew email and monthly newsletter.

Come back often and let me know how your projects are coming along.  Let me know if there is something special you would like to make, we may be able to add it to our Projects List.

Let’s get started sewing for your home with Pillows!    SQUARE PILLOW171 SQUARE PILLOW172B



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