eReader Bag – Reversible Shoulder Bag

This is a sweet little shoulder bag, totally reversible, in which to carry along your Kindle or Nook reader and still have space for your wallet and keys.  It takes very little fabric, I used left-over bits from a quilt I recently made.

Reversible,washable and so easy to make!

Reversible,washable and so easy to make!

Here’s what you need:

two pieces of fabric (one for outside, one for inside) 10″ x 19″

4 pieces of one of the fabrics (or even another coordinating or contrasting fabric) 3″ x 8 3/4″ for the top band

2 pieces for the straps each 4″ x 24″ (or desired length for straps)

one piece of 1/4″ quilting fleece  10″ x 19″

one piece of fusible Pellon interfacing for the band… 17″ x 2 1/2″

two pieces of the Pellon for the straps …… each 1″ x 24″ (or the desired strap length)

an 8″ plate for shaping corners

ruler for measuring and cutting fabric pieces


Inside out is as good as outside in!

Inside out is as good as outside in!


Lay out the two pieces of fabric for the inner and outer bag, right sides together, cut in half making two halves each 9 1/2″ x 10″ wide.  Along one edge of the 10″ width, use the 8″ plate as a guide to draw 2 curved corners for the bottom of the bag.  Cut two pieces of the fleece using the fabric as your pattern.

Baste stitch the fleece to the back of the outer fabric pieces for the body of the bag.

Mark the center of each section at the upper edge.

Next, prepare the top band and the straps by cutting interfacing applying one 3″x 8 3/4″ piece onto two of the top bands.  Press on the interfacing for the straps down the center of each strap.   Fold the long edges of the straps to the center of the strap and press; now, fold the strap again bringing the long sides together and press again.  Sewing close to the outer edges of the straps, top stitch the entire length of the strap, then sew two more evenly spaced rows down both sides near the center of the strap, ending with 4 rows of top-stitching on each strap.


Contrasting fabric makes this bag twice as nice.Matching the centers of the lower bag to the upper band, pin at center and at each end, matching edges top to bottom.  Place two evenly spaced fold on the bag body, about creating a center pleat 1 1/2″ wide (each fabric fold should face the outer edge of the bag body).

Stitch 1/4″ from the edge, sewing the bag body to the top band.  Top stitch close to seam along the band.

Repeat for each set of body/bands.

Now, matching seams perfectly, and with right sides facing, sew the two outer bag sides together, and the two inner bag sides together.

At the top edge of either the outer or inner bag, measure 1″ from  seam for strap placement.  Place the edge of the strap at this mark and pin, repeat for each end of each strap being careful not to twist the straps.

Now to join the inner and outer bags.  Put one inside the other, right sides together, and keeping the straps tucked in-between pin and matching the side seams perfectly, pin along the top edge of the bag.  Leave an space on one side, between the straps, 3″ long for turning the back right-sides out.

Tack with 2 or 3 stitches on each end of the opening.  Carefully reaching into the opening turn the bag right sides out.  Tuck the lining inside the bag and smooth the top seam folding in 1/4″ along the opening and pin outer to inner bag.  Now one more round of top stitching all around the top edge of the bag and you are finished!  No hand stitching to try and hide in a seam.

A gentle ironing to remove any wrinkles and set the seams and your bag is ready for your eReader, or whatever other use you choose.

I hope you like my little bag, and will visit again and we can work on another project together.

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