Dust Covers for Your Closet

I love my closet/dressing room, but I hate the dust which settles on the

Full-length dress garment cover

Full-length dress garment cover

shoulders of my clothes.  So I have been working on dust covers to protect my clothing, and it also makes the room look nicer!

The covers I making are in three sizes.  Shoulders only,  for items frequently worn, Half-length which cover most of my blouses from to to bottom, and Full-length for my dresses.  The shoulder and half-length covers simply slip on over the hanger, the full-length has a full length opening in front which closes with great Boutique Snap Closures which are quick and easy to put on using a pliers type tool.

garment top front closure

front top closure

front closure

front closure







The fabric is 100% cotton and I use quilt backing fabric which comes in 108″ widths and is available in lots of pretty prints and solids.  You will need one yard of this width fabric.  If you use 44″ wide fabric it will take 3 yards.  You will also need bias tape, either purchase or made by you, about 16 feet or 4 packages of ready-made, double-fold bias tape; thread, pins, snaps (where to buy)

STEP ONE:   Lay-out your fabric full width then fold in half,  long end to long end.

Let’s begin with the full-length version:

Lay out your pattern (create your own pattern) (the full length pattern should be a multiple of 5″, fold the pattern in half down the center  then add 1 1/4″ to its width ) along one edge of the fabric, cut 2.  From the remaining fabric you will cut (2) pieces 2 1/2″ x full length of the fabric, and (2) pieces 1 1/2″ x length of the front bag segment.  Two 2 1/2″ strips will be used for the gusset (which joins the front and the back), and two 1 1/2″ strips will be used for the front plackets for the opening.   From the full-length pattern, cut two pieces, then take one of these pieces, fold in half length-wise to determine the cutting line for the front opening, and cut the front into two pieces.

STEP TWO: Create the front by adding the plackets and joining the right and left halves to make a single unit for the front of the bag.

Along one long edge of the  11/2″ strip, fold under 1/4″ and press.

Match the other long edge with the center edge of a front side section, wrong  sides facing, sew.  Press and fold the “strip” to the front and press again.  Top-stitch close to the seam.  Pin the long, pre-folded edge in place, and top-stitch close to the fold.

Repeat for the other front segment.

STEP 3:  Lay the two front segments, side by side, over-lap the right front over the left front, matching the plackets.  Top-stitch, close to the edge, the top 5 inches, pivot toward the opposite seam and sew, pivot and sew close to the edge, upward toward the top edge, back-tack.  Repeat at the bottom 5 inches of the plackets.  Place a mark every 5 inches along the placket centers for the snap placements.

COMPLETION: Assemble the front, back and gussets as instructed for the basic shoulder dust cover.   Install the snaps following the directions that came with the snaps you purchased.

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