More for Your Closet Re-do!

I love my closet/dressing room, but I hate the dust which settles on the

Full-length dress garment cover

shoulders of my clothes.  So I have been working on dust covers to protect my clothing, and it also makes the room look nicer!

The covers I making are in three sizes.  Shoulders only,  for items frequently worn, Half-length which cover most of my blouses from to to bottom, and Full-length for my dresses.  The shoulder and half-length covers simply slip on over the hanger, the full-length has a full length opening in front which closes with great Boutique Snap Closures which are quick and easy to put on using a pliers type tool.

By using quilt backing fabric in 108″ width you can keep the cost down, and use less fabric since it takes less than one yard of this wide fabric to make one full-length garment bag with no waste!

Ready?  Let’s start sewing!