Let’s make your closet pretty this week!

Welcome back!  It’s time to sew another project.

Protection for Your Clothes

Protection for Your Clothes

Okay,  I admit I like to see things neat and organized, and if I can make it pretty at the same time it is even better!  I have a large walk-in closet and I do hang everything according to length and then by color, and so on, but please don’t hold that against me.  On more than one occasion I noticed that some of the clothes which didn’t get worn often would collect dust along the top, following the hanger line and I would have to wash or dry-clean them before I could wear them again.  Problem solved.

I had seen some garment covers at a store and decided to give them a try.  Well, they worked to keep my clothes clean, but they looked awful.

Solution, I made some out of a pretty fabric, trimmed with bias tape, and voila!  Clothes stay clean and my closet looks pretty.

I tested a few ideas for additional dust covers.  The original, for just the shoulders, I use for trousers, slacks, and skirts.

A longer version, about 36″ covers blouses and tops, jackets and skirts.

Full-length dress garment cover

Full-length dress garment cover

For my long dresses I created a full-length cover which opens down the

front for easy access to the dress and hanger.  It remains closed with a shirt style front and decorative plastic snaps instead of buttons.

Today I will show you how to construct the two shorter versions.  I will save the full-length version for next week.  As always, this project uses less than one yard of fabric, for the shoulder version; and depending on the width of your fabric, about 1 yard for the mid-length version.  You will also need one packet of double-fold bias tape, and the usual sewing tools.

Ready? Let’s start sewing!


Additional closet projects will follow at later dates.