Christmas Stocking Pattern

Can you believe it… there are fewer than 100 days until Christmas , so I thought we might get started on at least one holiday sewing project. I created this pattern and made Christmas stockings for each of my girls while they were young enough to believe that Santa filled them with goodies. They still have and use those stocking thirty years+ later. Now my youngest daughter has asked me to sew some for her four boys.

This stocking is roomy enough to hold an large orange inside the toe. I always filled them with fresh fruit and nuts, a bit of chocolate and lots of small toys and what-nots. It kept the girls occupied while waiting to open gifts which were never placed beneath the tree until they were fast asleep on Christmas eve.

In the early morning of Christmas day we would lie in bed and listen as the girls would tip-toe downstairs and listen to the sounds of their excitement to see what Santa had left during the night. Although they would “scope out” the loot, they never touched a single gift until it was handed to them by me about an hour after they’d had time to savor the moments of discovery.

This is the basic stocking which can be adapted in several ways. One is by adding a cuff as part of the lining; another is by the choice of fabric and added trims such as lace and satin. Another good option is to first make your own fabric by sewing together a patchwork, as you would for a quilt, just large enough for each stocking…. i.e. two pieces 18″ x 22″, the layout the pattern and proceed as usual. As always be creative and make each stocking keeping the individual’s personality in mind.

You will need an equal amount each of the main fabric, quilting fleece, and lining fabric.
At least 22″ of 44″ wide fabric or 2 fat quarters (18″ x 22″) per stocking main fabric.

Also, 5″ bias tape to match your fabric for the hanging loop. If you prefer you can use a small amount of the stocking fabric cut 1″ wide x 5″ and fold it the way bias tape is folded.
Fold the tape in half lengthwise, and sew close to the edge of the long fold.

Print and assemble the two-part stocking pattern pieces.  It is recommended to add 1/4″ seam allowance when cutting your fabric, although it is not necessary.

Cutting and Assembling:
Cut two pieces each of fabric, right sides together, fleece and lining.

Cut 2 each: Fabric, Fleece, Lining

If using iron on fleece, iron it to the wrong side of the main fabric pieces.
Lay one main fabric and one lining, wrong sides facing. Fold the hanging loop in half and pin to the top 3/8″ from the back of stocking laying the two ends side by side. Sew 1/4″ from the top edge of the stocking. Then open and press the seam flat.

Measure bias tape for hanging loop

Lay one stocking/lining on top of the other, wrong sides facing and carefully match the stocking top seams. Pin a section along the back/heel side of the lining so there will be an opening at least 4″. This is for turning the stocking right side out.
Sew a 1/4″ allowance all around the outer edge of the stocking/lining, beginning and ending at a pin. Secure the start and end of the stitching.

Pin hanging loop 3/8″ away from stocking side.

Place pins to mark opening for turning

Turn the stocking inside out through the opening by reaching inside and pulling out the main fabric toe first, then the lining.

turn right side out

Next smooth out the seams, pushing out the toe/heel curves from the inside, and give a gently pressing. Fold inward the seam allowance of the opening and match the folded edges. Sew close to the edge to seal the opening. Stuff the lining inside the stocking, pushing and arranging the toe/heel of the lining into the toe/heel of the stocking. Fold and press the top edge of the stocking so the lining is neatly hidded, then sew close around stocking opening to secure the lining in place.


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