Country Love Mug Rug

This charming  Mug Rugs is just the thing for using up those small bits of fabric in your stash.                                                            Mug Rug_05

“What on earth is a Mug Rug?” you may be asking.

A Mug Rug is similar to a pot holder, hot mat and coaster.  It is a small “placemat” sized for your coffee/tea mug and snack.  This one measures 7″ x 9″.

This mat combines a heart applique and friendship braid quilt piecing.  Very easy for beginners to sew, and makes a great gift for teachers (you could use an apple applique instead of the heart).

Gather your supplies and meet me in the sewing room…… it’s Time-2-Sew!

Don’t forget to submit photos to of your finished projects to share with our readers.

~ Kathleen


Trick or Treat Cross-Over Bag for Your Little Goblins

Can you believe it? So soon summer is over and we are preparing for the first fun day of the holiday season…. Halloween!

I thought we would take a break from sewing for our home and make something fun for our little goblins. These trick or treat bags are an ideal size and the adjustable, cross-over strap makes them easy to carry while keeping little hands free.Trick or Treat Bags

As always, the pattern is quick and easy to sew. I made all four of these in a couple of hours. Use any fabric and any trim to coordinate your bag with your child’s costume, or let them decorate their own bags.

Each bag uses just 1/2 yard of fabric.

Are you ready? It’s time 2 sew!

Let’s sew!

Another Pillowcase for our Bedroom Re-do

This is the second pillowcase option.  It is constructed using French Seams as before, butPILLOWCASE WITH CONTRAST BORDER_1180012 this one has a border of contrasting fabric.  Once you made these two styles you can move on to create your own designs choosing different fabrics and trims.

Next week our bedroom re-do continues by creating a duvet cover,   You will enjoy how simple it is to make and how beautiful it will look on your bed.

Just as with the pillowcases, which you can make in the same fabric as the duvet cover to use as shams, using different types of fabric will vary the “look” of your duvet cover.  Simple country, or elegant silk.

Let’s get sewing!





Pillowcases for Everyone’s Decor

No matter what your decor, Country style or Contemporary, one thing that remains PILLOWCASESbasically the same are your pillowcases!  The only thing that differs is the fabric and how you trim it.

I am redecorating my bedrooms so I thought I could use some of my re-do projects to help you learn to sew.  On my sewing list are curtains, a duvet cover and bed-skirt, and pillowcases.

This week we are sewing pillowcases.  This a a perfect project if you are learning. to sew.

Just 2 to 4 bits of fabric cut in rectangles, and a small amount of trimming.  Join me while we sew two different pillowcases, one country and one more shabby chic style.

For each pillowcase one yard of the primary fabric, 1/4 yard of a contrasting fabric with 1 1/4 yard trim about 1″ wide;  for the country case you will need 1 yard of the primary fabric and 1 1/2 gathered eyelet trim 3 /1/2″ – 4″ wide and a secondary trim about 1″ wide.

Your choice of fabric will determine it’s style, calico for country, an elegant silk with tonal stripes would definitely be a more modern style.

Are you ready to sew something pretty for your bedroom?

Join me now, it’s TIme-2-Sew!






More for Your Closet Re-do!

I love my closet/dressing room, but I hate the dust which settles on the

Full-length dress garment cover

shoulders of my clothes.  So I have been working on dust covers to protect my clothing, and it also makes the room look nicer!

The covers I making are in three sizes.  Shoulders only,  for items frequently worn, Half-length which cover most of my blouses from to to bottom, and Full-length for my dresses.  The shoulder and half-length covers simply slip on over the hanger, the full-length has a full length opening in front which closes with great Boutique Snap Closures which are quick and easy to put on using a pliers type tool.

By using quilt backing fabric in 108″ width you can keep the cost down, and use less fabric since it takes less than one yard of this wide fabric to make one full-length garment bag with no waste!

Ready?  Let’s start sewing!


Let’s make your closet pretty this week!

Welcome back!  It’s time to sew another project.

Protection for Your Clothes

Protection for Your Clothes

Okay,  I admit I like to see things neat and organized, and if I can make it pretty at the same time it is even better!  I have a large walk-in closet and I do hang everything according to length and then by color, and so on, but please don’t hold that against me.  On more than one occasion I noticed that some of the clothes which didn’t get worn often would collect dust along the top, following the hanger line and I would have to wash or dry-clean them before I could wear them again.  Problem solved.

I had seen some garment covers at a store and decided to give them a try.  Well, they worked to keep my clothes clean, but they looked awful.

Solution, I made some out of a pretty fabric, trimmed with bias tape, and voila!  Clothes stay clean and my closet looks pretty.

I tested a few ideas for additional dust covers.  The original, for just the shoulders, I use for trousers, slacks, and skirts.

A longer version, about 36″ covers blouses and tops, jackets and skirts.

Full-length dress garment cover

Full-length dress garment cover

For my long dresses I created a full-length cover which opens down the

front for easy access to the dress and hanger.  It remains closed with a shirt style front and decorative plastic snaps instead of buttons.

Today I will show you how to construct the two shorter versions.  I will save the full-length version for next week.  As always, this project uses less than one yard of fabric, for the shoulder version; and depending on the width of your fabric, about 1 yard for the mid-length version.  You will also need one packet of double-fold bias tape, and the usual sewing tools.

Ready? Let’s start sewing!


Additional closet projects will follow at later dates.




Red, White and Blue Projects for the 4th of July!

Just like it is for so many of you, the Fourth of July means cookouts and family gatherings for our family.

Reversible Apron

Reversible Apron

This year I am celebrating with red, white and blue for our cook-out. First with this fun, reversible apron.  Two-sides and two roomy pockets.  Complete instructions and how-to video will be found here.

There is also a matching mitt to help keep the chef from getting burned, and a fitted tablecloth which won’t blow



To complete my table-scape I am using the Simple Place-mats and matching

Fitted Tablecloth, Reversible Apron and Matching Cooking Mitt, Simple Place-mat and Napkin

Fitted Tablecloth, Reversible Apron and Matching Cooking Mitt, Simple Place-mat and Napkin

Napkins made with Osnaburg fabric for a country feel.

Get ready and let’s start sewing!

Shabby Chic Pillow with BUTTONHOLES

SQUARE PILLOW171The instruction for this little pillow has been added to the PROJECTS/FOR THE HOME area.  It uses a 14″x14″ pillow form and is just the right size to practice ruffling and making a couple of buttonholes.  The slightly rounded corners make adding the extra-full ruffle a breeze while creating and adding interest to this slightly “un-square” pillow shape.

Making Shabby Chic Pillows while Practicing Sewing Techniques!


Who doesn’t love pillows?  Soft, ruffled, pretty pillows to dress up our homes or just our special area of  our home,  our “comfort zone” where we read and relax, or do a bit of needlework, or just take a break with a cup of tea and a little snack before the hectic business of life resumes.


Button Closure

I have been working on some easy, but lovely, Shabby Chic Pillows to share with you using different methods of closures which will help you to practice techniques such as buttonholes and zippers and envelope backs.  Creating the pillows goes much quicker than writing the directions and drawing sewing patterns, so it will be a few more days before they are ready for sharing.




In the meantime start looking at pretty floral prints that would look nice in your “comfort zone” and prepare to start sewing Shabby Chic Pillows on Monday, May 19.

For a 15″ x 22″ pillow with ruffle, you will need 1 yard of fabric.  For a 15″ x 22″ pillow with a same fabric ruffle: 1 yard for the pillow cover.  The first pillow will have an envelope closure so you will not need any other materials to construct your pillow.